Holistic Therapy Price List

Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing $125 for 70 minutes

Massage Prices

$55 for 50 mins
$85 for 90 mins

Training Packages

* Hourly Sessions for $135
* 3-90 minutes sessions $210

Personal Training - We currently work with some of the best trainers in San Diego. Please call us for pricing and inquiry based on your specific goals...

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  1. Weight Management

    Weight Loss Programs

    (Excersise program, bmi assessment, nutrition guidance, positive affirmations) 12 sessions $450

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  2. Physical Therapy

    Cash based physical therapy

    Initial evaluation $95
    Follow up treatment $75 (45 mins)

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  3. Wellness Membership

    Sunnyside Annual Membership

    Sunnyside Wellness Annual Membership
    $99 Annually

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Restore your health

Increase stamina , improve alertness and obtain natural energy

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