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New Accupunture treatments available by appointment

Our new Accupunturist Rebecca Caliri is showing off her expertise and is well renowed in this holistic approach.

Yoga for Chronic Pain

Learn how to use Yoga to deal with chronic pain due to injury or age. Maintain your body in the proper way.

Holistic Tips:

Improving your posture:

Improving your posture is importanct because it will keep your muscles from straining and contracting unnecessarily.

Try Acupunture:

Acupuncture is type of holistic medicine that has been commonly practiced in the eastern part of the world for thousands of years.With many alternative medical techniques, the intention is to prevent rather than to cure a specific or general ailment. "101 Natural Health Tips"

Best Holistic Center

#1 San Diego Natural Healing and Alternative Medicine Center
* Specialist in Stress Management, Chronic Fatigue, Sports Rehab, Military related PTSD more....

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Our new procedures

  1. Best Weight Loss

    Weight Loss Programs

    Custom programs.

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  2. Yoga Pain Therapy

    Chronic Pain Therapy

    Reduce your pain medicine by using our Yoga for Chronic Pain treatments

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  3. Natural Arthritis care

    Natural arthritis pain relief

    Give nature a try......

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Restore your health

Increase stamina , improve alertness and obtain natural energy

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